Some of the strange mental illness that medicine has not explained (pt2) | Psychosis Treatments Some of the strange mental illness that medicine has not explained (pt2) | Psychosis Treatments

Some of the strange mental illness that medicine has not explained (pt2)

There are so many psychiatric illnesses that today when science and technology are advancing, they are still great mysteries that challenge experts. In this article, continues to talk about 2 mental illnesses in this article that remain a big question for scientists around the world.

Cotard syndrome

Also known as corpse syndrome, Cotard syndrome is a rare condition that causes the person to think he or she has died or lost organ.

"I was like going to hell ," said one person experiencing the syndrome who told of his experiences with Cotard syndrome. "I tried to think that I had done something wrong to be punished, to live this life even though I was dead. But that is not true."

The scientific community makes a number of theories about the causes of Cotard's syndrome, including overdose. However, there is no official explanation for this mental illness. There are several cases in the world that have recovered from the combination of pharmaceuticals and electric shock therapy.
Corpse syndrome

The prominent symptom of BIID is the belief of the patient that they themselves are worthy of disability. A healthy person wishes to have a limb amputated by feeling that he or she should not have that limb.

An American woman named Jewel Shuping has blinded herself to BIID. "I do not think I'm crazy, I'm sick," Shuping explained. "BIID makes you feel like you need to have a disability." In my case, it was a yearning for blindness, "she added.

"I do not think I'm crazy, I'm sick"

People always think that they do not need some parts (Source: Unwanted)

Experts say that BIID makes the images in the patient's head unfit for the actual body. Understanding and respecting is the first step. Sometimes, the medical team agrees with the patient's request, but this also raises intense controversy. In 2000, a Scottish surgeon was strongly opposed by the community for cutting off the legs of a person with a BIID at his or her request.

Like the aforementioned diseases, physicians are not yet sure what causes BIID and why it varies from case to case. This is one of the most creeping mental illnesses yet to be explained by doctors.


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